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Our Transaxles

Our philosophy is that transaxles should work so smoothly and quietly that they are easily forgotten.

About our Transaxles

Our experience with transaxles goes back to the late 1970s when one of us (Richard) built up a 2200cc engine and wanted the gears to match. In the late 1980s, getting someone to - or finding someone who would - rebuild a split case transaxle was nearly impossible. So, that's when we collected up the tools and began rebuilding them. We worked a deal with widely known and highly regarded Glen Wolfram of San Jose, California - the man who rebuilt transaxles for Harry Pellow. In that deal, about 1991, we secured a complete set of factory tools, a large pile of new and used parts, and Glen took Richard on as an apprentice wherein Glen imparted decades of wisdom and knowledge on transaxle rebuilding, especially including how to tell worn out parts from good ones by examination.

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