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Our Engine Blueprinting


It really is fair to say that our engines are Blueprinted. As what it means to "blueprint" an engine is poorly understood, on this page, we define the term, including its original meaning, how that meaning has shifted over time and what it means for us and our customers.


For automotive engines, ensuring every cylinder produces the same amount of power is the true goal of "Blueprinting" as such an engine runs more smoothly, lasts longer, and produces more power than an otherwise identical engine that does not. Here we explore this topic in detail.

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On This Page

Blueprinting - The Origin Of The Term

From the advent of the industrial age, which began in Europe and arguably was led by engineers in Britain, engineering drawings

Blueprinting - What It Means In The Automotive Market

How Blueprinting Applies To 356 Coachworks Engine Builds

Because the ultimate benefit of "blueprinting an engine" is for each cylinder of that engine to produce identical power to that of its neighbors, when we say our engines are blueprinted, we mean that we've put significant and effective effort into achieving this goal.

Here are the main factors that contribute to this goal:



, and because the most important factor for the engines we work on to produce identical power is having truly identical combustion chamber volumes

We use a technique

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