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Our Restorations

We love doing restorations because you get to do the whole thing and not just a piece at a time. This means you can do things in the proper order and it's actually easier and cheaper than doing things a part at a time on an otherwise serviceable automobile. We've completed quite a few and have several in-progress now.

We don't spend a lot of time updating this web site, however, we'll be posting more images here of cars we've restored and will post thoughts on our thinking as time permits.

Our "modus oparandi" is to buy vehicles, repair them and then provide them on the market. This tremendously simplifies the process and reduces the cost because we don't have anyone looking over our shoulder making financial decisions. It's also legally simpler; we're working on our own machine!

The following are pages devoted to specific vehicles (some pages have been taken down at the request of buyers):

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