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Denzel Land Speed Record Engine Photos

About our engine:

We have set up some additional pages to provide imagery or information on the following:


WATCH AND HEAR IT RUN! Click here. NOTE that the audio does _not_ do the engine justice - it cuts out when the real volume becomes earsplitting! (We guess that it exceeds 120 dB.) There is also a timing problem with some players so that the sound is offset in time from the actions in the video.

In this video, you can see some of the various gauges of our Stuska Dynamometer, however, the tachometer is on the fritz - it works well at idle, but after about 2000 RPM, it goes bonkers. Other gauges, however, like the oil temp, fuel pressure, oil pressure, are rock steady and show you what's going on - no load was used in this few minute run.

The following photos are in no particular order, but the lower ones tend to be older...

































































































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