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Providing Expert Porsche 356 Solutions

NOTE: We never seem to have time to work on this web site! So, don't be surprised when some aspect of it is incomplete or obviously in need of attention!


Read about our Denzel-Based Land Speed Record efforts.

Nothing says quality quite like customer testimonials.

...I wanted to check in with you and to tell you how much I am enjoying my new
SC engine that you rebuilt. I just got back from another "spirited" drive in
<my car>. After 39 years of ownership, it's like driving a new car.

Capabilities and Services

AT RIGHT: A freshly rebuilt 4-cam 1500 GS being run-in on our Dynamometer. Note the special bracketry used to support the oil tank, ignition coils and oil filter.

If it's related to a Porsche 356, from restoration, maintenance, troubleshooting, to reproduction part design and fabrication, we can either do it or coordinate it being done. Some tasks we do often enough we have developed a set of Standard Service Packages. And, we've developed a number of important relationships so if we don't do it, we'll get it done for you as if we were doing it in house.

Here's a basic list of our services:

AT RIGHT: An SC coupe still in its original paint with an unusual bra. Image is circa 1986 and was taken right about the time we started doing professional 356 work.


While there's really nothing we can't do on a Porsche 356, engine building has become our speciality. We suspect this is because while anyone can apply plastic body filler and spray some paint and make it look good, great engine work is something that just cannot be faked - it either runs great or it doesn't!

In addition, our engine dynamometer gives our customers great confidence as we can deliver an engine run-in as per factory specifications.

Be sure to check out both our "Engine" web page, and our "Classifieds" web page to learn about our engine work!

Thousands of photos, lots of descriptive text!

The car has never been so peppy, or had this much torque and power. It sounds
great and runs strong - and that's just getting out of the driveway! (Ha.) Thank
you for all the effort you put in to rebuild the engine. Can't wait to break
in the engine and get into the higher RPMs. Also, I can't wait until early
Summer to swap out the SC engine for the 4 cam engine that you fixed.

We ALL want a happy outcome, so:

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The following list is sure to be incomplete, but can give you an idea of what's available.

Customer Testimonials

We've been doing this for a long time now, and while most customers value their privacy, many are delighted to spread the word about the great service they've received, so, references are available upon request. Yet you'll find a number of customer quotes in these pages.

Project Management & Parts Sourcing

Anybody who thinks they can do everything is probably wrong and/or probably not very good. We all need help along the way in our automotive endeavors, professional and amateur alike, especially if we wish to get a lot done in a short amount of time; vendors are our partners in our projects.

There's a lot to do when considering interacting with vendors. Often the first problem is to know what kinds of vendors are available. Once selected, they need to be negotiated with and provided the things they need in the way they need them. Someone has to deal with packing, shipping, receiving, paying, dealing with any problems, and a host of related issues. Even when the vendors are great and everything goes perfectly, it can still be a lot of work. Our role for you in this capacity is to take care of all of this for you.

The job here is to oversee other vendors to ensure a positive outcome.

Here are just a few of the types of vendors that may be involved in a project:

If you want parts made for you, the list grows further still - vinyl experts, silk-screening, casting manufacturers, metal stamping die makers - and the list could go on and on, depending on what you want to do.

You may also want someone to oversee the project from the point of view of knowing what to, how to do it, and in what order. These skills aren't possessed by everybody, but we've been doing this type of thing long enough to have developed them. Not every problem can be anticipated, but we've been through enough to know the ropes pretty well.

Contact information:

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